Making a difference often takes more than intent and effort, Impact Takes Vision, Values, and Good Timing.

The presidential race includes two Catholic running mates, a social conservative and a social justice advocate.  Father Robert Sirico is an advocate for Freedom and Virtue.  He thinks capitalism can promote prosperity and virtue.

People that make a difference are either angry or hopeful.  Some see a better future and work The Abundance Mindset.   Angry or optimist, it’s a good thing that Some Choose Wisely.

Had enough of Super PAC ads yet? Despite sharks DC is full of talented people Serving Ideas.

Lisa Nielsen runs a provocative Facebook discussion group.  Some participants are really down on private enterprise, but I see a lot of folks doing Good Work in the Private Sector.

It’s back to school time.  We all benefit from people that choose to Leave a Legacy and Teach.

Here are 10 Quotes on Measuring Your Life from Clay Christensen.  Here are thee quotes from MLK on Education, Race, and Nonviolence.



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