FounderDating Education Connects Education Passion and Entrepreneurship

On Wednesday, FounderDating and Teach For America launched FounderDating Education. FounderDating is an online network that connects entrepreneurs to potential co-founders on an invite-only network. All applicants are screened to ensure quality and balance of the network. Through this application process, FounderDating learned that even though education was not listed as a subject area there was a large interest based on user profiles. Applicants truly drove this expansion process.

“We saw bottom-up demand,” explained Founder & CEO of FounderDating, Jessica Alter. “It’s a huge bonus that
we’re helping entrepreneurs who are working on the biggest challenge of our time.”

Teach For America’s Social Entrepreneurship Initiative seemed like the perfect partner for FounderDating’s first company expansion. TFA has a proven track record of recruiting, training and supporting leaders in the education field. TFA Alums were also requesting information on how to connect with like minded entrepreneurs who were passionate about education.

“How and where to find complimentary co-founders is one of the most frequently asked questions from our alumni entrepreneurs,” said TFA Managing Director Chaula Gupta.

With an increased interest in education innovation and entrepreneurship, FounderDating Education hopes to identify and fill the needs of the current education system. FounderDating’s Jessica Alter explains there is a bridge needed between individuals with education experience and those with industry/entrepreneurial experience. Those groups don’t naturally cross paths or know one another and thats the “critical need” FounderDating Education will meet.

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Caroline Vander Ark

Caroline is President of Getting Smart.

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