Tom Picks “Blended Learning Can Improve Working Conditions, Teaching & Learning”

Tom says, “Blending the best of online and onsite learning has the potential to personalize learning for students and teachers with more collaborative and flexible environments.”

Karen Picks “How Philanthropy Can Improve & Accelerate the Shift to Digital Learning”

Karen says, “The exact focus of monetary amounts and targeted funding is so important to fundraising making this article a highlight to read.”

Caroline Picks “What I Believe Right Now”

Caroline says, “I love the idea of this thought leadership piece Tom calls What I Believe Right Now and appreciate he shared his thoughts as an opening post for his new blog on, Vander Ark on Innovation.”

Carri Picks “Top 5 Ways Schools are Failing Our Kids”

Carri says, “At the heart of Diana’s argument is that schools today serve the adults in the system and not the students. If we can make that shift, everything else will follow.”

Allison Picks “5 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Online Education”

Allison says, “Online degrees are an excellent alternative for those seeking a degree without attending on-campus classes. This is a great list of items to consider when choosing your online school to ensure you are getting all you need from your educational institution.”


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