Tom Picks “Blended Case Study: Leadership Public Schools”

Tom says, “I’m impressed with Leadership Public Schools aggressive and collaborative innovation agenda.”

Karen Picks “We Need More Launching Pad Politics”

Karen says, “Once again the politics of innovation should and could take center stage this year.  The positivity in this article should be present everywhere in education and the business world.”

Carri and Caroline Pick “Storytelling: Open Your Classroom to the World”

Carri says, “I love the analogy of an educational experience drawing students in like a good documentary, engaging them meaningfully and leaving them wanting more.”

Caroline says, “Just the trailer for this documentary gives me goosebumps. The commitment to education in even small villages in Africa is admirable. The image of a community literally paving the road to the school is powerful.”

Allison Picks “Good Schools for the World’s Poor”

Allison says, “All students deserve access to quality education. It’s great that these programs exist and their forward movement is promising.”



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