When was the last time you were at an edtech conference and heard fragmented conversations laced with the latest education lingo and acronyms? Does flipped classroom, blended learning, gamification, OER, BYOD sound familiar? Here at Getting Smart, we toss around many of these words every day and work constantly to keep up with the latest trends. We understand how confusing it can be, which is why we’ve decided to share this great Edtech Cheat Sheet by Boundless. Enjoy!


  1. I don’t see hybrid school. I attended Pacific Coast High School in Tustin, CA, a public school college prep high school that has a few classes on campus, a lot online and some labs. It was a great experience and prepared me so well for college. And it was free. I had time to explore other interests outside of my schoolwork and I started several businesses while still in high school.

  2. I heard something the other day called Challenge Based Learning in association with a STEM institute. I wonder if this is also ed tech lingo or if it is associated with a more general educational experience.


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