Smarterer Grows to 10M Questions Answered & Raises $1.75M to Ace Skill Assessment

Smarterer, a crowd-sourcing platform for testing knowledge on a wide array of technical and digital skills, announced today several milestones: completion of its Series A funding, a new board member, user activity growth and expanded partnerships. True Ventures led the round,  raising $1.75 million, which also included an investment from Google Ventures, as well as a dozen angel investors. This brings total funding to $3.0 Million.
Tony Conrad from True will join’s Smarter’s Board of Directors. “We feel incredibly fortunate to draw on the experience and expertise of both firms, who saw our vision early, supported us as we built toward that vision and continue to be incredibly helpful every single day,” said Jennifer Fremont-Smith, Smarterer CEO.
In a recent blog post, Executive Chair and Co-founder Dave Balter said, “What’s coming for education is something like the shift the music industry failed to see until it was too late. Things will never be the same again…” Fremont-Smith added, “It’s not just education — we see an entire ecosystem ripe for disruption, as skills become a critical tool for hiring and candidate evaluations, and for managing our reputations online.”
Smarterer users have answered more than 10 million questions. “Our community has answered more than 1,000,000 questions in the Smarterer Excel test alone, taking the test more than 42,000 times. People have spent the equivalent of 176 days or 5.7 months answering questions about Microsoft Excel,” Fremont-Smith added. “You can now prove over 500 skills with Smarterer!”
Smarterer is also rolling out a variety of integrations, including a new partnership with BranchOut, Bullhorn Research and The Resumator. The Resumator integration incorporates Smarterer Skillsets to enable hiring managers to stack rank candidates by their actuall skills and enable professionals to position themselves for employment based on what they really know.
“Our new Skillsets platform allows hiring managers to stack rank candidates by their actual skills, and enables professionals to position themselves for employment based on what they really know,” said Fremont-Smith. “It’s truly a win-win for for everyone involved in the job search.”
In addition, Smarter is now fully integrated with, allowing individuals to link their Smarterer profile and scores to their profile pages. Fremont-Smith said, “Now you can de-clutter your digital life by linking your Smarterer profile and scores to your profile page, keeping all your favorite online tools together in one place, through this sleek new integration.”
“Back in high-school, a guidance counselor assured Smarterer engineer Dave Sturgis that because he wasn’t good at math, he’d never be able to complete a Computer Science degree in college. Dave wouldn’t accept that and taught himself what he needed to know, evolving into and truly amazing developer; he’s now playing a vital role in building Smarterer,” said Fremont-Smith. “His story isn’t uncommon–people transition hobbies into careers everyday–and our team is on a mission to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to prove any skill. With our additional capital, we’ll be continuing to develop a platform that enables every Dave Sturgis out there to validate their skills, no matter where they learned them.”

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