eReaders allow you to carry your latest interests around on one small device, which often also houses your email, documents, photos and more especially if you’re working off a device like the Kindle Fire or iPad. So if you can carry around all your books and pick up the latest bestseller with a few taps and swipes, will you be inclined to – read more?

The latest infographic suggests that this is the case. Thirty percent of those reading electronic content and 40  percent of those who have owned an eReader device for a year or more say they read more. The average eBook reader has read nearly twice as many books in the last year compared to non-eBook readers.

All this eBook reading could mean good news for the electronic publishing industry as eBook readers are more likely to purchase and own their books rather than borrow. This could largely be contributed to the increased access and convenience of purchasing eBooks. It’s really only a few swipes away. eBook readers prefer eBooks when traveling, discovering a wide selection of books, and finding new reads quickly.

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