Educators have taken advantage of Adobe’s Creative Suite to engage high school and college students in learning about design, games, video production and more. Today, Adobe announced the launch of Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition, and Creative Suite 6 Student and Teacher Edition for institutions worldwide.

The Adobe Creative Cloud will offer a hub for students and educators to explore, share and deliver creative content using Creative Suite 6, Adobe Muse, and Adobe Edge Preview. The new cloud platform integrates with Adobe Touch Apps including Photoshop Touch for tablets.

The new version, Adobe Creative Suite 6, offers educators and students the opportunities to:

  • Create digital content including videos, animations, 3D and photos
  • Create and sync documents on any device
  • Increase speed and workflow of projects with upgrades to interface and performance; and
  • Develop portfolios, websites and applications.

Learn more about the Adobe Creative Cloud at For more detailed information about educational upgrade policies and pricing, as well as the full portfolio of suites, visit


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