One day does not a trend make but ten trends were on display at the best edu-innovation of the year, the ASU Education Innovation Summit (#eisummit):

  1. Free (“it’s free for now, but we anticipate a premium verision”)
  2. Engaging content (Second Avenue  science games)
  3. Prepping for a 3 screen day
  4. Startup relevant post-sec (General Assembly)
  5. Employability (skills verification site Smarterer; employment skills service Fullbridge, vet education & placement service Fidelis)
  6. Big data (blended platform Junyo, predictive college data MyCollegeOptions)
  7. Playlists (MentorMob)
  8. Quality (“the right metrics are results”)
  9. Globalization (“students should graduate fluent in two or three languages”)
  10. Scalability (“how does this get big?”)

There was less mobile than expected, but some of us lamented the fact that it’s really hard for school leaders to manage tablet environments.

The conference is bigger than last year but still and intimate gathering of learning innovators.


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