Wow, more hit pieces on K12. Could some of it be driven by folks trying to profit from bad news? We think so. They missed a few stories we found.

University of Arkansas recently conducted an in-depth evaluation on the Arkansas Virtual Academy and concluded the school demonstrated very positive academic results, “The ARVA cohort improved significantly as compared to their matched peers.”

The K12-managed virtual school (and virtual school programs) in FL have also been successful — multiple years awarded an “A” grade.

Ohio Virtual Academy rated an “Effective School” by state in 2011 with high value-add rating (academic growth).

Michigan Virtual Charter Academy students showed positive academic results.

K12-managed statewide online school in WA received an achievement award from the Dept of Ed this year.

K12-managed Chicago virtual charter school (blended model) made IL Honor Roll in 2009: YCCS Virtual Charter High School blended program two years in a row with strong high numbers of graduates.


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