Desmos today launched, its first, fully HTML5 calculator that takes computing beyond a pocket tool. Students, educators, and professionals can use to do rote computation as well as complex mathematics to share ideas and revelations.

Eli Luberoff, the Founder and CEO at Desmos, Inc., says the inspiration for came from the beauty of math and the ways in which its audience used its math graphs.

“Fundamentally, we think that math is beautiful, and that the tools should be beautiful to match,” says Luberoff. “We’ve noticed over the last few months that a surprising number of the graphs that people build and share are graphs of hearts.”

In honor of its launch, visitors can choose a romantically themed graph, add a caption, and email or tweet it to their special someone. Luberoff adds, “Math and love are two universal languages — combined, who knows the power?”

Desmos launched its first browser-based calculator at TechCrunch Disrupt in May 2011. The online flash calculator at now receives up to 5,000 visitors a day.


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