Evernote: Write, Organize & Share Notes In a Mobile Classroom

Note taking used to require a pen and paper, which does it’s job well – with a few downsides. Sometimes the pen rubs off on your hand or your papers get squashed and lost in the bottom of your bag. Other times you hand your notes off to a friend who never gives them back.
Web, smartphone and tablet apps like Notes, Noterize, Clibe, and others improve a lot of these pitfalls of the ol’ pen and paper. Among these apps, my favorite is Evernote. Schools are turning to Evernote, a free app that allows you to capture notes on just about any device, for note taking, collaborative projects, research, lessons, and more.
With Evernote, students and educators can do much more than simply take notes. They can:

  • Collaborate and share documents
  • Access to documents on any device (even offline)
  • Capture whiteboards
  • Record audio notes, and
  • Clip web pages.
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Evernote When It’s On Your Mind

Evernote is accessible on just about any device: your computer, smartphone and tablet. This is key for me, because sometimes I’m out running an errand and an idea comes to mind. Other times I’m in the midst of a project and a grocery item pops in my head. I can easily open up Evernote on my computer or phone, jot the note down, and access it later. This helps me organize my thoughts throughout the day while it’s on my mind no matter where I am or what I’m doing.
For students and educators, this means being prepared to jot down important facts throughout lessons, meetings, research sessions and more – even if they’re just carrying a smartphone.

Easily Share and Collaborate On Notes

While collaborating with notes live on Google Docs is great, there’s not a perfect mobile solution – that’s free. This is where Evernote ranks higher. You can easily share notebooks on Evernote between classmates, coworkers, and friends. Educators can create class notes for lessons, lectures, or exams that can be accessed by each student on their own device. It’s even simpler than email, because the documents are saved right in a shared folder.

Organized Notes Improve Efficiency and Access to Learning

When was the last time your handwritten notes were searchable? Never. That’s another reason why electronic notes are so effective. Students and educators can search a few keywords to find notes on a specific subject, date, etc. This saves time searching through even the most organized handwritten notes.
What’s more, Evernote says that you can capture a photo of a whiteboard full of notes and it will recognize the handwriting, making it searchable in among your files. This would be a great feature to capture group brainstorming sessions.

See Evernote in Action

The Montclair Kimberly Academy (MKA) in Montclair, New Jersey implemented a 1:1 laptop program with its students grades four to 12. The students there are using a discounted premium version for schools, which has been a huge success. Students at MKA use Evernote across all subject areas to stay organized and connected to educators. Below, they share their experience:

What tools are you using to take and manage notes on the go?

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