At BETT 2012 today, Promethean unveiled its new ActivTable computer for primary school and special education students, giving learners a dynamic and interactive experience that encourages 21st century skills in  collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making.

“ActivTable offers an intuitive way to engage students, making learning fun and relevant in the 21st century. ActivTable uses the touch sensitive technology many students are already familiar with away from the classroom through tablets and smart phones,” says Helen Isherwood, ActivTable Product Manager, Promethean.

The new table features one of the largest screens of any interactive table and includes key tools such as keyboards, math tools, web browsers and more. The interactive table is effective for special needs students with easy chair and wheelchair access.

Promethean Chief Executive Officer Jean-Yves Charlier says, “Learning and teaching effectiveness are undoubtedly increased by creating opportunities for collaboration and engagement. ActivTable encourages inclusive group activities alongside personalised learning. From the teachers’ perspective, it also supports immediate assessment and integrates with core curriculum learning objectives.”


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