Tom picks “How EdTech Will Benefit Low Income Students

Tom says, “Justin Reich’s blog started a gap flap—after Audrey Watter’s response a debate ensued about whether Open Education Resources exacerbates the achievement gap. My response includes list of 10 ways that digital learning will benefit low income students.”

Karen Picks “Radical Openness in Educational Materials: The Next Step in Washington”

Karen says, “Once again I applaud WA State Representative Reuven Carlyle’s push toward open resources. His insight into not just the policy side but his knowledge of the business to education is refreshing. His blog is a blog to follow.”

Sarah Picks “Education: Prescription or Subscription?”

Sarah says, “I enjoyed reading Dave Edwards’ article this week, because it pointed out a very obvious truth about the ways our educational system fails to match up to the outside world. The way we gather information, knowledge, services, and more in our daily lives is vastly different than the way we expect students to grapple with it in the classroom. When will our 18th century oasis of the classroom absorb the technologies, methods and systems that are so quickly developing in every other industry?”


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