Sal Khan Creates A World-Class Education for Anyone, Anywhere

In a recent video, Salman Khan discusses how he’s delivering a world-education to anyone, anywhere through Khan Academy at the Future of State Universities Conference, which was hosted by Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Jim Hunt and Academic Partnerships in Dallas, Texas this October.
Khan Academy produces educational math and science videos that tutor students on a wide range of subjects in short 10-minute segments. In October 2010, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google began supporting Khan Academy. Today, the website pushes 2,800 videos to approximately 3,000,000 unique students a month, worldwide.
Khan’s broader mission is “to create a world-class education experience for anyone, anywhere.” “Creating the videos,” he says, “is only a part of that experience.” The three additional components include:

  1. Online instruction
  2. Practice, feedback and assessment, and
  3. Interaction.

He believes this will deliver learning to students who are home schooled, living in low-income areas of the world or working in a traditional classroom to supplement the experience. “It can actually make it more interactive than a traditional classroom,” says Khan.
Khan argues that current classroom structures in college or even K-12, students hardly interact with their professors and peers. Khan believes that technologies, like Khan Academy, can actually humanize the learning experience.
View the video below:

Salman Khan remarks from the Future of State Universities Conference from Academic Partnerships on Vimeo.
For more about Khan Academy, visit For more about the Future of State Universities Conference, go to

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