Knewton recently published a new infographic “The Unprepared Nation: College Readiness Today,” which takes a close look at college readiness among high school graduates in the U.S. Some interesting statistics from the infographic include:

  • One-third of college students need remediation and half of these students will not obtain a college degree
  • The unemployment rate skyrockets with fewer credentials or degrees
  • Only one-fourth of high-school graduates passed college readiness benchmarks in science, math, reading and english, and
  • High school teachers and college instructors have differing views in college readiness.
These stats raise some big questions about our educational system. Why do our remediation programs fail to help 50 percent of its students succeed? How can collaboration among high school teachers and college instructors improve college readiness among students? How can college readiness make us a global competitor and cut back on unemployment?

College Readiness Today

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media



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