Photo Courtesy of Education Week

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) announced Thursday that Education Week invited Vice President of Strategy and Organizational Development Matthew Wicks to discuss virtual education opportunities during a webinar September 20th on “Reaching Students With Special Needs Through E-Learning.”

“Whether a child has a cognitive or physical disability; is gifted or talented; learning to speak a new language; or even at risk of academic failure — all students deserve a quality education,” Wicks noted in advance of the Education Week event.

“Online learning provides a viable path for students with specific and special learning needs,” Wicks said.  “Not only can these programs be tailored to fit different students with different needs, but they also serve as a way to ensure that every child is given the right to succeed academically.”

Wicks will be joined by Katharina Boser, a cognitive-development psychologist and co-chair of the Innovative Technology for Autism advisory board for Autism Speaks, and Patti Ralabate, the director of implementation at the Center for Applied Speical Technology. The webinar’s moderator will be Michelle Davis, a senior writer for Education Week Digital Directions.

Click here to learn more and register for the webinar “Reaching Students With Special Needs Through E-Learning.”



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