School of One is one of a few test beds for blended learning and online learning innovations, also named in Robin Hood Heroes Awards. Check out this video.

Robin Hood Hero | School of One from Robin Hood on Vimeo.

I would love to see students use excellent data, with assistance with highly qualified researchers, to look into the structure of their own schooling and see what they would recommend.

From the Robin Hood Heroes site:

School of One is a prototype math program being tested in three New York City middle schools. It has the potential to change the face of education. Rather than focus on how teachers teach, School of One turns the telescope around and looks at how each student learns. Some learn best in groups, others one-on-one. Still others want to go off alone in search of discovery. School of One teaches them in the modality they learn best. It uses technology to close the gap in education and uses remote online teachers for one-on-one tutoring. It takes daily assessments of each child’s progress and feeds that data into an algorithm each night that tells teachers and children exactly what they need to work on. The algorithm grades the quizzes and determines the lesson plan based on each child’s progress, leaving the teacher free to do what they are amazing at—performing miracle work, not paper work. School of One is education for the age of customization.



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