The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), in collaboration with ASCD and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), today released Innovate to Educate: System [Re]Design for Personalized Learning.  This report of findings is based upon the insights and recommendations of some 150 visionary education leaders convened at an August 4-6, 2010 Symposium in Boston, Mass.

Symposium participants jointly identified the following top ten essential elements and policy enablers of personalized learning:

Essential Elements

1. Flexible, Anytime/Everywhere Learning

2. Redefine Teacher Role and Expand “Teacher”

3. Project-Based, Authentic Learning

4. Student Driven Learning Path

5. Mastery/Competency-Based Progression/Pace

Policy Enablers

1. Redefine Use of Time (Carnegie Unit/Calendar)

2. Performance-Based, Time-Flexible Assessment

3. Equity in Access to Technology Infrastructure

4. Funding Models that Incentivize Completion

5. P-20 Continuum and Non-grade Band System

The report is available at the personalized learning overview page and provides a road map to accelerate the redesign of the current, mass production education model to a student-centered, customized learning model that will better engage, motivate, and prepare our students to be career and college ready.

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