With a lot of help from a dozen friends, my favorite fall story was the The Pivot to Digital Learning: 40 Predictions.

Remember how Disrupting Class predicted that most high school kids would do most of their learning online by the end of the decade?  I tried to figure out how that would happen in How the US Will Blend and suggested a target of August 2012 for the pivot to digital learning in part 2 of the story.

The rich dialog of the Digital Learning Council prompted a number of pieces including this modestly titled short, How Digital Learning will Change America.  I enjoyed interviewing three online elementary teachers and wrote about their online partnerships for success.

Why the Feds Matter Less suggests that it’s not a complete disaster that we’ll eventually get a weaker ESEA but a feature pointing out that There is no Local Control suggests that we have a big governance problem that undermines most reform efforts.

Pivoting off a Public Impact report, I asked Why Solve Old Problems When New Problems are Easier?

There have been a couple higher ed pieces at edreformer,  including this one suggesting that Colleges are losing their ROI; it features Western Governors University; and so does this short follow up.

Here’s some thinking out loud about Smart Culture: Reversing the Dumbing of America.  Partisan politics and pandering populism are promoting a disconcerting anti-intellectualism.

Joel Klein had a great run in NYC; he worked hard to enact the good school promise.

We can all be grateful for great teachers and leaders today.  Have a great Thanksgiving.



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