Some VERY sobering statistics about Newark’s schools, from a report by the school system itself, signed by Cliff Janey:


Only slightly more than half (52 percent) of our students graduate high school within four years, based

on the new, more accurate graduation rate adopted by National Governors Association (versus almost

80 percent, based on the state’s old formula). Fewer than half of these graduates enroll in college;

almost all need remediation.

49% of NPS graduates enrolled in college in 2006.

53% of those graduates enrolled at Essex Community College.

96% of those students needed remediation.

In three of our five largest high schools, fewer than half the students graduate within four years. In five

of our highest-performing high schools, approximately 75 percent graduate on time. Both rates are

too low. Our lowest-performing schools must be overhauled and our best schools need to get better.

The good news is that more students are taking Advanced Placement (AP) and SAT exams, but

performance remains low. Only 32 percent of students score 3 or higher on the AP exam. Average SAT

scores are 378 in critical reading, 392 in math, and 383 in writing — well below state and national


Thus, only 25% of Newark’s 8th graders will ever go to college (52% x 49%) – and half of those that do attend Essex Community College and nearly ALL of them need remediation.

Hat tip to Whitney Tilson and his school reform blog.

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  1. You know, I wondered, after the Schott Foundation, in it’s 2010 Black Boys report listed Newark as a “Benchmark” large school district for its accomplishment in closing the graduation achievement gap.

    How are we ever to get a hold on whats going on? The US Census continues to say that only 21% of Black American adults lack a HS diploma, vs 16% of the entire population. It’s figures like these that the anti-reformers quote to justify the status quo.


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