Here’s a brief mention of a new project launched by the Federation of American Scientists. Sorry, doesn’t work with Macs. It’s a shame that scientists don’t seem to be compatible with Apple products. As blended learning takes off, tablets and design-rich hardware are going to be the cutting edge.

Everyone wants more great science games! Now they are collected in one great place.  MyGameIQ is a download manager, with a focus on younger players and learning games.  MyGameIQ is available at no cost, and most of the games are, too.  Additionally, MyGameIQ provides us with data about how long players play, which helps us improve our game.  Currently, Immune Attack is their top game!  See our blog for a description of My Game IQ and how the download manager works. (PC only!)


  1. Hi EdReformer!

    Thanks for posting about mygameIQ. FAS is very happy to partner with mygameIQ, but we didn’t create it. mygameIQ was created by a company called Pragmatic Solutions.

    Pragmatic Solutions distributes Immune Attack, Discover Babylon and a growing number of excellent learning games to everyone for no cost to the player or to us. Commercial games are also available for typical prices.

    So, the fact that mygameIQ is PC only is a business decision, due to the fact that PCs are the most common type of computer, even in education. Pragmatic Solutions plans to expand mygameIQ plans to Mac when demand for Mac warrants it. So write to them and demand it.

    Learning games are created on low budgets, and creating a Mac version typically costs (a lot) extra. Scientists are not against Macs; scientists just work on low budgets.

    Now that the game engine Unity is available, excellent 3D games can finally be created that are Mac and PC compatible. This is why Immune Attack2 will be available for PC and Mac. Unity engine is free to download for anyone, by the way.

    Thank you!

    Melanie Stegman
    Director, Educational Technologies Program
    Federation of American Scientists
    (read our latest on science games)


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