Horn and Christensen Offer Free "Disrupting Class" Chapter

As part of their revamp of the successful “Disrupting Class” book they co-wrote, Michael Horn and Clayton Christensen offer a free chapter for education reform-minded folks who would like new ideas on transformative education practices.This chapter focuses on student motivation. As Tom Vander Ark wrote earlier this week, at EdReformer, we think student motivation is the big deal of this decade. Finding the hook, unleashing the desire to learn, and building persistence are all next gen learning challenges.  You can look at how Horn and Christen see this big deal. Here’s what they wrote in the email sending their link around:

Titled “Rethinking Student Motivation,” this paper explores how educators can crack the code on motivating students—which is crucial for learning—through the lens of the famous “jobs to be done” concept that Christensen pioneered. We assert that schools—just like businesses that are trying to make critical connections with their customers—must seek to understand what “jobs” students are trying to accomplish in their lives and answer the question, “What job might they hire schools to do?” Our research shows that the two core “jobs” students set out to do each day are “feel successful” and “have fun with friends,” but schools often fail at integrating these core jobs into their operations. We provide insight into how schools can change to enable students to do these jobs through project-based learning, computer-based learning, and other innovations.

You can download your copy here, or by clicking on any of the other links in this blog post. You can shop for the book on Amazon.

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