Muzzy Lane Among Top Ten Edupreneurs at Berkery Summit

New York, New York is getting ready for the Berkery Noyes VC Investment Summit, which will focus on education companies.
Muzzy Lane Software is a Newburyport, MA developer of immersive 3D games that run in the browser as a web service. The company formed in 2003 to develop games for education and found that existing game engines did not provide the right solution for web-enabled, LMS-integrated educational games.
Here is a briefing on Muzzy Lane:

Muzzy Lane developed our own proprietary game engine, Locust, and web delivery platform, Sandstone specifically in response to the unique needs of the serious games market. While Muzzy Lane’s self-published Making History® has achieved success in the consumer markets, the company has a strong focus on “serious games”. Muzzy Lane self-publishes its own games and develops games for third party partners in the Education, Health Care, and Corporate Training markets.
Game projects in process include; a US Government (DARPA) funded learning game to teach middle school science, a Corporation for Public Broadcasting funded game to teach middle school social studies and a MacArthur Funded urban development strategy game. Work is also in progress on an immersive game to teach high school foreign language, and a marketing game for college level business students.
Muzzy Lane sells its consumer games in the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific through traditional retail channels and online distribution partners such as Steam and Stardock. Self-published, serious games are marketed and sold online to schools and institutions. Third party game projects generate development services revenues and are typically sold and distributed through the third party’s own channels. These web-based games are sold on a subscription basis, and in all cases, games deployed on the Sandstone service generate revenues for Muzzy Lane in the form of pay-as-you-go hosting, maintenance and technology license fees. Muzzy Lane’s intellectual property resides in our Sandstone games-as-service platform, our Locust game engine, and our Serious Game design processes and methodologies.

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