Ruckus over at National Journal about RttT accountability.  As typical, Ravitch against everything (with Kress begging her to stand for something), Hess skeptical of everything, and clearheaded Chad Wick encouraging folks to use RttT as an opportunity to rethink the system.  Here’s my quick addition:

RttT is already the most successful grant program in edu-history (that’s the rhapsodic part for Rick). Having worked with 400+ grantees, I think it’s safe to say that some grants will be used more effectively than others. With state financial pressures, there’s no question that some money will go down the backfill black hole. But if most states do most of what they’ve promised, RttT will be a phenomenal success.

To the inequity of competitive grants (David Sciarra in particular), spreading money like peanut butter wouldn’t make any lasting improvement. RttT is about advancing the sector with a package of reforms–all focused on underserved kids. A January blog offered a longer response.

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