National Journal asked us to review a Springboard (Business Roundtable) report.  My reaction was, “Where’s the entrepreneurship?”  Springboard made some sound recommendations, but it reads like the predictable managed economy platform of big biz/labor.

In contrast, yesterday Tom Friedman noted the Great Inflection and the ‘maker economy.’  For 15 years, we’ve talked about lifetime learning, it’s time to talk about lifelong entrepreneurship—the ability to apply knowledge and skills to dynamic market conditions.

With the return of rational lending, it will be small business that leads us out of the Great Recession.   Freelancers and small businesses will increasingly rely on informal just-in-time learning.  Along with DIY and peer-to-peer learning, new online providers with thrive, so will entrepreneurial community and technical colleges.

Springboard got recommendation number one right—completion incentives (replacing perverse churn-n-burn incentives public universities) should result in significant improvement in degree attainment.

However, it would have been a very different report with a focus on a post-inflection learning ecosystem for entrepreneurs.


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