The number of ways you can learn math online is exploding.  If you want to earn high school or college credit, you’ll need to enroll in a course by an accredited provider.  In most states, taking a high school course online is a great option and you’ll have several providers to choose from (unless you live in NY, CT or one of the other states that doesn’t allow online learning).

If you’re struggling in traditional math class and need help or just want to remember how to graph a linear equation, start with Khan Academy, a remarkable one man shop that has produced a thousand YouTube videos.   Watch Sal Khan teaching graphing lines and slope-intercept.  Sal won a much deserved Tech Award a couple weeks ago.

Want more on slope-intercept?  Check out for high quality short form video tutorials.,,, and dozens of others are all trying to put a business model behind online math resources.

With support from Hewlett Foundation the National Repository of Open Content launched free math and science courses at Hippocampus.  They can be used as instructional materials for a course or as supplemental or targeted tutoring content.

You can also find some good ol’ fashioned teacher videos on iTunes U where Maine has a full set of videos for a high school math sequence.

For schools that want to blend classroom and online work or provide a credit recovery solution, Pearson offers MyMathLab for college, NovaNet for high school and SuccessMaker for middle school.

Learning online is easy and it’s getting better every month.


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