One of my favorite activities is spending time with smart people thinking about new schools.  ADVANCE innovative Education, a provider of alternative certification programs in Louisiana, held a design session today with a great group.  The assignment was to design a STEM school and a media arts school.  Sponsors hope that many of the grads will attend LSU and help build the next gen economy in southern Louisiana.  Imagine the next High Tech High–a diverse, tech infused, application rich, college connected learning environment housed in a museum.

We’re at a transitional period of time where it’s almost possible to deliver (or at least think about delivering) radically personalized learning.  We saw a demo of a new higher ed platform that makes it easy to string together a course based on a rock star ‘play list’ of video administered by a proctor all delivered on a social learning platform. We ended up recommending a blend of project based learning and personalized online learning–a better cheaper way to do long day/long year/community-connected learning.

Good teachers change lives.  Good schools change communities.  AIE will enrich Baton Rouge with two great new schools.


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