Home Hybrid. A Wisconsin paper ran a story about an Oregon  home hybrid—a new version of school combining like the neighborhood preschool grown up and powered by online learning.  The 30% annual growth in online learning is fueling learning at home, blended learning in traditional schools, and new hybrids like ‘Schmitt Academy,” a certified teacher with seven students in her home. 

In Defense of Second Life.  Some have pronounced Second Life  DOA, but Aliza Sherman comes to the defense by pointing out the advantages of virtual learning.  Second Life won’t revolutionize education and neither will Tabula Digita or Muzzy Lane, early entrants in the learning game and virtual learning space.  However, both point the way to the next generation of engaging personalized digital learning. 

Virtual Growth. K12 now serves 59,000 students in 39 virtual schools in 21 states.  Revenues, about $300 million on run rate, are going by more than 30%.


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