I love my iPod, I toggle between Patty Griffin and Physics. Maybe you received the iTunes U email today featuring engineering courses (or maybe it’s just the podcasts that I subscribe to); just some of the courses:

• Stanford: iPhone applications

• Open U: Design & Creativity

• Ohio U: Going Green

• MIT: Computer Systems

eSchoolnews reports on one schools use of iPods. While it sounds very first gen (i.e., songs, audio books), the potential for new personalized language learning applications for the iPod/iTouch is great

During an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) webinar titled “iPods as Teaching Tools for Language Learners,” Grace Poli, media specialist at Jose Marti Middle School in Union City, N.J., and an Apple distinguished educator, discussed how the iPod is transforming learning in her school.

Adaptive (i.e., engaging & personalized) digital content streamed to PDAs will complement more powerful netbooks to create anytime anywhere learning (whether schools go along with it or not).


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