1. “Students say there should be more use of mobile devices in their learning.”   This blinding flash of the obvious is from a recent Speak Up survey.  So why is it that nearly all kids in the developed world have mobile devices and we don’t use them for learning?  With a little private and philanthropic investment, we’ll see a new generation of learning content on iTunes U, etc. 

2. a Beijing-based consultancy, predicts that the total number of internet users will grow to 389m by the end of this year, up from 298m at the end of 2008. Interestingly, online penetration in the big cities of Beijing and Shanghai is reaching 70% – about the same as the US average.

3. EdWeek just released Breaking Away From Tradition, a report on EdTech and online learning.  They’re still relying on last years stats, but pretty safe to bet that 2 million kids in the US will be learning online by the end of 2009.  


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