The future of work and learning is here, and with it, new challenges that are causing us to shift how we think about problems, employability and skills. In our exploration, we dive into embracing contribution, meaningful work and the quest for interesting problems as a way to traverse the present and future.

Solving Interesting Problems With an Entrepreneurial Mindset

By: Mason Pashia. As the workplace continues to shift, leadership and agility are becoming necessary for all members of a team. An entrepreneurial mindset consists of many of the most useful skills for the future. And no, it doesn’t mean starting your own company.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

By: Amy McGrath. More and more young people are starting to build their own businesses. Mark Greenberg is the founder and CEO of BuildEd. He uses his experience as an entrepreneur in industries ranging from consulting to real estate investment to develop entrepreneurship courses for partners like ASU Prep Digital and several K-12 programs.

10 Classroom-Ready Computational Thinking Resources for K-12

By: Dacia Jones. Computational thinking can help prepare the next generation for the future of work. It teaches students to process information like a computer would. It'll guide students through a series of steps, similar to an algorithm, to solve open-ended problems.

Critical Thinking – a Critical Skill in School and for the...

By: David Ross. We need to do a better job of developing critical thinking skills for learners and workers. David Ross asks, are we using the same label to describe a different set of skills?

Does College Still Pay? Seven New Rules for Making a Good...

In the last post of this series, Tom Vander Ark and the Getting Smart team identify seven new rules for choosing college (or not).

The Future is Here: Artificial Intelligence & What it Means For...

In this episode of the Getting Smart podcast, we throw it back to an old episode featuring Emily Liebtag, Tom Vander Ark and senior Silicon Valley software engineer Gerald Huff on how artificial intelligence will impact the future and how important it is for today's students to #AskAboutAI.