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mm-bannerMegan Mead | Director of Growth

“We may not be able to list the jobs that will exist 30 years from now, but we can assume that critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, empathy, communication and passion will be in high demand. As we seek to better prepare our students for tomorrow and beyond, it is important that we utilize the tools that we have with talented and dedicated teachers that make learning exciting and engaging for students.”

AboutWith a commitment to connect people and information, Megan’s primary role is a network expander. She works with EdTech companies, organizations and education institutions across the globe to expand their impact and extend their reach through biz dev and growth services. Megan holds a BA in mathematics from the University of Washington and a MA in secondary education from Loyola Marymount University. She has worked in both the education and business sector.

Ask me about. Thought leadership & company growth, the student experience, exemplar schools, creating 2 year old Seahawks fans

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