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Smart List: 50+ Advocacy Organizations Making a Difference

Now more than ever it is our responsibility to be spreading the word about what makes high-quality learning experiences that can prepare students for a future of uncertainty and change. Here are 50+ organizations leading the charge.

How Schools Around the World are Tackling Social Justice – Part 2

In this post, we hear from teachers at three global schools to learn more how they are integrating social justice into their classrooms.

How Idaho Is Moving Towards Mastery-Based Education

Kelly Brady is Director of Mastery Education for the State of Idaho. In this post, she shares more about the journey Idaho is taking and the results they are seeing so far.

Why Students Should Learn to Code and How to Get Started

Coding is not just about learning to write a program, it's about connecting with the learning and building relationships in the process. It can create engaging ways for students to work on their collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

SEL Interventions Under ESSA, According to RAND Corporation

Social-emotional skills will be in high demand in the coming decades. In this post, we summarize a valuable new report from RAND Corporation on SEL interventions whose outcomes meet evidence requirements put forth under ESSA.

What the End of Net Neutrality Would Mean for Education

This week, the FCC will hold a vote on what is likely to be one of the most important issues of 2017: net neutrality. In this post, we look at what effects that could have on education.

Capitalism that Works for Everyone

An innovation economy will produce tremendous benefit and wealth--and both will be concentrated unless we decide otherwise. To extend US leadership in the innovation economy we’ll need to update our form of capitalism.

3 Ways EdLeaders Can Level the Computer Science Literacy Playing Field

By: Dr. Idit Harel. While there is a lot of talk about the importance of computer programming and coding, there is less action -- and funding -- to support it adequately. Here are three ways EdLeaders can begin to change that.

Chinese Scholars Advocate for Well Rounded People and Lifelong Learning

Shifting towards a focus on lifelong learning and well-rounded individuals, China is updating their learning goals and graduation portfolio. The new framework acknowledges that growth is a lifelong process that can be taught and studied, first in the home and at school, and then perfected throughout one’s life.

Ask About AI: The Future of Learning and Work

What's happening in the automation economy? What are the civil and social implications of artificial intelligence? How can we prepare ourselves and the next generation for exponential change? It's time we ask about AI.