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Deeper Learning For All: The Equity Agenda in Louisville

Tom sits down with Dr. Carmen Coleman and Dr. John Marshall of Jefferson County Public Schools to learn how the two have worked together shape powerful, equitable, high-quality learning experiences for the over 100,000 students in Louisville, Kentucky.

Learning Leadership Skills Outdoors: Place-Based Ed in the Puget Sound

By: Roberta McFarland. Students in the Waskowitz Environmental Leadership & Service program participate in place-based learning experiences that help them develop leadership skills as well as choose their next steps for college and career.

Evidence That Makes it Evident: Improving Assessment by Emulating the Trades

By: Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski. The expanded vision of the graduate has widened the gap between the competencies educators want for all graduates, and the evidence of competence educators are actually collecting. Here's one way we can begin to change that.

The Innovation Approach to Strategic Planning

When Mary heard about a district strategic planning process described as life-giving, lean, human-design centered, innovative and empowering, she had to learn more. Listen in to this week’s podcast with Assistant Superintendent of Minnetonka Public Schools, Eric Schneider.

The Rise of AI: What’s Happening, What it Means, How to Prepare?

At SXSW EDU last week we hosted a meetup to discuss the implications of artificial intelligence on education. Thought leaders and forward thinkers discussed what’s happening, what it means and how we can prepare.

Coaching to Develop Agents of Change — Not Compliance

School coaches ought to be capacity builders that unlock educators' potential and help their school communities grow. Effective coaches help to develop agents of change -- not educators who learn to comply and follow someone else’s lead.

Why The Four Cs Will Become the Foundation of Human-AI Interface

I’ve begun to realize that P21 and the many other organizations that promote the 4Cs need to rethink what these skills mean with the advent of AI. The P21 skills framework was conceptualized with human-to-human interaction as the default assumption--here's why I think that will change in the near future.

School Networks: Getting Beyond the Technical

As soon as our network makes a partnership official with a new affiliate, the first question is typically: “When can we get a copy of your curriculum?” While this is flattering, it completely misses the larger point for why our network exists.

Place-Based Professional Development in the Water Systems of California

By: Stacey Rafalowski. Whether it’s a student excursion or an educator expedition, bringing the excitement of discovery and the thrill of first-hand experiences to learners helps to engage, inform, and expand the classroom into the real world in a deeply empowering way.

AI4All Extends The Power of Artificial Intelligence to High School Girls

Al4ALL is a new Oakland nonprofit that is introducing artificial intelligence to high school students —and, more specifically — girls. The goal is to help high school students learn to use AI for good and to increase diversity and inclusion in computer science. In this new podcast episode, Tom talk with Executive Director Tess Posner.