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bl-bannerBonnie Lathram | Learner Experience Manager

“As we reimagine schools, there’s going to be a continued focus on the individual learner. We are thinking a lot right now about relevance. What is the purpose of learning? Why do human beings really learn anything? We seek to create relevant learning experiences for adults and for students, to ignite passions and support more curious and active exploration. At Getting Smart, we all love learning. What’s been a powerful learning experience for you? We seek to do that.”

About. I am a former high school teacher, counselor and school design coach. I currently work with education organizations to provide engaging professional learning experiences, and I design projects and campaigns that connect people, ideas and organizations around the topic of something I care about deeply… learning. She co-authored the book Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning as well as numerous publications including Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning. Listen to Bonnie on the Meet Education Podcast and watch Bonnie on a video conversation on The Dr. Will Show.

Ask me about. Teaching in a project-based learning school, leading advisories, designing college and career readiness curriculum, leading professional development, living in Tanzania, sailing around Mexico, writing a book and children.

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