Summer learning loss needs a rebrand. The phrase “summer slide” is really just belittling the severe issue of learning loss. Now more than ever in this time of anytime, anywhere learning, we must push back on channeling our inner “Dude” and unabide the slide.

Learning loss is detrimental. The Collaborative Summer Library Program found that low-income students are often the most in need of summer reading programs. According to the Colorado Dept. of Education, students in low-income households fall behind an average of two months, and learning loss is cumulative with losses building up each summer.

Summer brain drain shouldn’t be viewed as an opportunity lost. Instead, summer break should be seen as an opportunity for parents, community and business leaders to create unique learning experiences for students. This shift in perspective and thinking should be championed by Smart Parents.

Here’s a list from Team Getting Smart and our community of teacher bloggers and advocates of learning ideas for students, parents and teachers for the upcoming summer months that go beyond your average reading list.

For Students

For Teachers

For Parents

Have resources, events, strategies and best practices that should be on this list? Comment below!

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