If you have used edtech tools like Socrative, Kahoot, MoveNote, and even the now-defunct InfuseLearning, you must take a look at PearDeck. This interactive website and Google Drive app adds interactivity to any slideshow by integrating free-text responses, multiple choice answers, freehand drawing renditions, drag-and-drop indicators, overlapping visuals, and even embeddable YouTube videos. Mixed in with other fruitful classroom activities during the school year, PearDeck will definitely help produce student engagement and, ultimately, acquired knowledge.

No need to worry about investigating PearDeck yourself. Just take a look at these two video tutorials, and your classes will be ripe for a rocking learning activity.

Creating an Interactive PearDeck

PearDeck in Action

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John Hardison
John Hardison is an interactive facilitator of learning and blended learning specialist at East Hall High School (Studio 113 & EPiCC) in Gainesville, Georgia. By creating a flexible class where literature creatively comes to life on a stage with students as the stars, Mr. Hardison focuses heavily on creativity, interactive structures, and student choices. In the past 18 years at East Hall High School, he has taught AP Language, American Literature, World Literature, and Applied Communications. Through original learning structures and a shared classroom concept, students are inspired to connect literature with their own talents and interests. Mr. Hardison shares his classroom concept and interactive structures by presenting at professional conferences and upon request by various schools. Look for John at ISTE and follow him on Twitter at @JohnHardison1.


  1. Thanks! This was very helpful. I am starting to explore MS Mix, the add-on for Powerpoint, but this has some features that I think Mix does not have. I especially like the thumbs-up, thumbs-down scale.


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