2013 had no shortage of great blog content. We were thrilled, humbled and amazed by the content shared and thoughtful feedback from readers. Below our team compiled a list of the top 10 blogs we enjoyed this year. What were your favorites?

  1. 10 Characteristics of Great School Cultures – We learned quickly in 2013 that blogs with numbers in the titles do well. Our readers enjoy a list, especially when it deals with school culture. This post by Tom highlighted the characteristics our team witnessed first hand in great schools around the country.

  2. Smart List Series – Although this is actually 25 blogs, our Smart List series is a plethora of great content in an easy to read, short but sweet, list format. We have lists ranging from 30 Apps for Sharing, Showing, & Tracking to 30 STEM Networks & Maker Resources so you’re sure to find at least one favorite!

  3. Towards A New Definition of Teaching – Like many of the posts by Susan Lucille Davis, this one brings the important teacher perspective to the conversation around the shift to blended and online learning. I love her line, “Teaching isn’t what it used to be. Learning isn’t either.” Her posts are among my favorite because they remind readers of just how important good teaching still is in the edtech era.

  4. Trending Reasons to Teach Social Media in Schools – Another great post from our guest blogger Adam Renfro describes the importance of teaching students about social media and digital citizenship. “We tend to live by a lot of “bumper stickers” in education, but do we really practice what we display on our bumpers?” Adam wrote. Establishing a network to model good social media practices while monitoring and rewarding good student behavior are two of the many tips and tricks found in this gem.

  5. 20 Posts to Help Students Learn to Code – In case you missed Computer Science Education Week and the #HourofCode, here’s 20 posts you can use in your classrooms or at home throughout the year.

  6. Deeper Learning For Every Student Every Day, Released! – Our newest white paper features 20 Deeper Learning school profiles and is dedicated to dispelling the myths around Deeper Learning and proving that it can happen in any school, with all students, and every teacher. Keep an eye out for our full launch in January, as well as the release of our Deeper Learning video! We also have a full Deeper Learning Resources page on our website!

  7. Profession(al) Development – From Margaret Roth and Shelly Blake-Plock of AnEstuary.com. Education is being disrupted, we have recognized that. But that also means teacher preparation and professional development is following suit. This post introduces AnEsturay- a platform and an app that is ahead of the game by providing teachers a brand new way to communicate, collaborate and stay connected.

  8. The Transition from Cursive to CodingOur teach blogger, Adam Renfro expands on Steve Jobs’ quote, “Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Adam has recognized the impact learning to code will have for our students and after such an successful Hour of Code campaign this past month, the rest of the country is seeing it too.

  9. Montessori, The Secret is Out – In the world of innovation and learning, it can sometimes feel like we have to reinvent the wheel or create our solution from scratch. Maybe a big part of the solution has already been created and we need to recognize and appreciate what is already happening.

  10. DIY HighTom Vander Ark wins favorite post translated from a lunch napkin. Many of Tom’s posts manifest from interesting conversations he has with different thought leaders and this post captures how powerful and creative these conversations can be. Looking forward to more in 2014.